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2016-03-30 - Evaluating Heroku usage is an application that is a vital ingredient to Mozilla QA’s community strategy. Historically, it was an idea that was born and then raised by our community.

2016-01-06 - Uptime checks with Pingdom

The forward facing goals covered areas including improving our code quality and the exploration of new techniques and technologies for assessing project health.

2015-06-22 - Boulder QA Meetup - CD

I recently visited with a group of software testers up in Boulder, Colorado to discuss peoples' thoughts and feelings about Continuous Delivery. The trip highlighted that this conversation still covers unfamiliar ground among software developers and testers alike.

2015-01-15 - Make the intern do it

As a QA team we had a difficult and challenging quarter to end 2014. The goal was to implement an experiment: convert several Python-based tests into JavaScript. Place these tests into the build process that the developers use and see what it nets.

2014-10-27 - Continuous Delivery Discussion

While the implementation details vary from project to project, the core concepts tend to remain the same between projects. It is important for project stewards; project managers, developers, testers, UX, community, etc to have a shared vocabulary.