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Boulder QA Meetup - CD

22 June 2015

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder QA Meetup - Discussion on CD

I recently visited with a group of software testers up in Boulder, Colorado to discuss peoples' thoughts and feelings about Continuous Delivery. The trip highlighted that this conversation still covers unfamiliar ground among software developers and testers alike.

As a few of you are likely to acknowledge I have strong opinions on this subject. I purposely left my opinions at home, I wanted to observe the natural progression of the conversation among the group.

Open questions that the group identified:

  • What tools/concepts/workflows exist that help projects move faster but ensure there isn't a loss of product quality.
  • Confusion about QA’s roles - with dev/ops fiercely in the limelight, what value and place does QA have on a project [specifically Manual testing].
  • Will product quality degrade over time — how do we recognize if a loss of polish is occurring on projects.

The generic workflow makes sense to people from a hypothetical point of view, yet when they attempt to apply it to their work the conversation quickly stalls. I think in part because the mental leaps away from our comfort zone; both with letting go of perceived control and our old mental model of our roles on projects.

I believe my biggest take away from the Meetup is what is possible if we release ourselves from the roles our job titles place us in and focus on releasing quality products that people want.

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