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Mozillians a big thank you!

01 March 2013

Thank You

Firstly, I wanted to profoundly thank the Mozilla community for the incredible response and support that you expressed when we put out the call for help to do exploratory testing on the Mozillians project.

Thank You

** The Mozilla Web QA team in San Francisco. From left to right: Raymond Etornam, Dave Hunt, Bob Silverberg, Matt Brandt, Stephen Donner, Zac Campbell, Rebecca Billings, and Krupa Raj **

The number and quality of bugs filed (54) within the short timeframe of a few weeks has been nothing short of overwhelming. The community has helped identify conversations that stress usability. These conversations are informing the next generation of UX that the team is working on.

I've whole-heartily enjoyed speaking with you in IRC, email, and Bugzilla. To be quite honest your feedback has swamped our small team! This is something to be celebrated! Thank you!

Next Steps: Phase 3

The Mozillians project is entering Phase 3 which represents a massive site-wide overhaul.

"Contributors and staff alike mention the difficulty for potential contributors to get started in contributing to Mozilla. There is no easy way to find a finite contribution to perform without having to go through, on average, 3 click-throughs via on normal contributor channels (i.e. Mozilla Newsletter, Get Involved, etc.). The aim of this milestone is to deliver a set of solutions to increase the likelihood of participation from potential and new contributors." ~ Phase 3
Roadmap - Phase 3

Phase 3 includes:

Over the course of the next several weeks the team will begin creating the next iteration of Mozillians after which we'll engage the community again for an in-depth round of focused exploratory testing.

Staying Involved

Many of our web projects ebb and flow at varying rates. While the Mozillians project is in a state of focused calm you can continue to stay involved; first through manual testing on our other web properties and second by helping with test automation.

Stay involved

There is an third option. If the Mozillians project runs strong in your veins I am willing to mentor a single individual who may become the proxy lead. The project currently needs help with new feature testing as well as assistance with the weekly releases.

I am looking for an individual who is willing to learn as well as actively help me creatively push the project forward. This is something that only a person who strongly enjoys being a QA (Quality Advocate) can do. You must be able to commit 3 - 4 hours per week.

If this interests you come talk to me in IRC in the #commtools or #mozwebqa channels. My nick is mbrandt. I am typically online 8am - 5pm UTC/GMT -8 hours Monday - Friday. You can also reach through email.

See you online!

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