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San Juan River Trip

10 September 2012

river face @tallowen in his element

We're tired but feeling content after a great out-and-back trip to the sunny and remote South West. Erin, tallowen and I drove from Mountain View, CA to Durango, CO. Roughly ~1,000 miles to meet with Chris before Owen and I spent 6 lazily days floating down the lower San Juan river.

While Owen and I were out on the river Erin visited family and got to hangout with our new nephew Colt.

All told we floated ~60 miles; putting in at Mexican Hat and taking out at Clay Hills. The flow-rate was fairly low and the temperatures were quite high but this helped keep the river really quiet. If I remember correctly we saw only one other group for the entirety of the trip.

I've always felt that river trips are better than regular camping... lot's of gourmet food, cold micro-brews (courtesy of Ska), and most importantly access to remote and nearly inaccessible places that very few people get trod on.

September 2012 river stats

September 2012 - Discharge, cubic feet per second

Great times, I'm looking forward to our next trip. tallowen has really become my partner of choice for exploring remote and difficult to reach places. Cheers to our next adventure.

Pictures from the trip: San Juan River Trip 2012

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