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Crested Butte, CO

01 June 2012

This summer I was able to telecommute for a month from Crested Butte, CO (CB) with long-time friend Jeremy Cerise. What a great summer of mountain living and trail tromping fun. Mornings were spent working from our apartment until we would head out the front door for lunch-time mountain bike rides. After work in the evenings we would lace up the shoes for hikes or more rides.

arriving in Crested Butte, CO

While we were in CB I was really surprised to meet Bruce Eckel who is one of the locals. Of the people in the computing industry to meet, Bruce has had one of the more subtle and in hindsight long lasting influences on my life. I initially learned to program through the books he's written (Jeremy has a similar story).

Bruce is hoot to spend time with. He's a person with an avidly curious mind that has led him to write books on software engineering and he's a mountain biker. Go figure! Of the ways to be introduced to someone finding a new trail partner is great! We were fortunate enough to be given a tour of the local trail network. Bruce showed us some of his favorites.

A couple of my around town favorites:

I wish I could have stayed longer - I had planned to stay for 2 months - but ended up having a small crash on one of our rides and needing knee surgery. I have no frustrations, it was a fantastic summer that brought me great peace of mind. I love the mountains. I've realized that the Bay Area is a good and kind place but my heart will always be up in higher and quieter places. I hope to visit again, CB definitely left a mark on me.

I hear that Bruce hosts the Java Posse :-)

Photos from the summer: Crested Butte 2012

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