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Rocking the New Year

05 January 2012

This past year on the Mozilla Web Team, 2011, was an incredibly fortuitous and ambitious adventure that finished off with excellent fireworks. I'm currently a QA lead on 4 projects but two of them accomplished something special in the final days of the year.  Not too long ago Mozilla launched BrowserID; a secure, single sign on service that doesn't have the privacy concerns associated with similar services (Google, Facebook, etc). A year-end goal was to integrate BrowserID into two of our web properties without floundering on quality. I'm happy to write that both (currently /en-US/ only) and landed BrowserID. The teams on both projects worked really hard to make this happen during an already full time of the year. From the QA front this would not have been possible without help from the broader Mozilla community. A large portion of our user base actively dove into the mud of Bugzilla and filed bugs. In addition to receiving feedback from our users a particular individual introduced himself and offered to help out. I wanted to give a special thank you to Rajeev Bharshetty [:rshetty] for spending a significant amount of time during his winter holiday from school.  He did a truly staggering amount of exploratory and release testing. The level of quality of both releases and the teams understanding of the underlying risks was greatly effected by him.

Rajeev Bharshetty

I look forward to 2012 and seeing what types of testing mischief we can get into. The Mozilla QA community is going to get rocked to its core this year. There are some very curious ideas in the pipeline. This next year we'll see broader exploration into enabling community collaboration and engagement mechanisms on our projects. Individuals like Rajeev will no doubt help define the future test strategies. If you find yourself reading this post and would like to get involved on an open source project, pop into our irc channel at and say hello. We're a friendly lot of mostly non-grumpy testers :-)

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