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06 January 2012

This isn't actually a eulogy .. I just wanted to show Alex some visuals on the hardware that is running I've run my primary site from this little beast for years (previously on a PII box running FreeBSD).  It wasn't a problem until I started working at Mozilla. I now get enough page hits that the lights dim at my apartment and the special lady friend, my partner, complains that the Internets noticeably slow. This happens whenever I submit a post and more than a handful of people decide to read it.

my server my server

I'm keeping the box and domain for dev/play purposes (no you can't have the domain name ... unless you want to swap something fun for it ... I do like good beer from foreign countries or chew toys for my cat). I originally snagged the domain when I was a Psychology geek, Freecog == free cognition. I had the lofty goal of blogging about cognitive neuroscience.  At least for for the time being life has spun me into the domain of computer science. Specs:

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