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WebQA: No test day this week

08 September 2011

Hello all,

A late update for tomorrows WebQA hosted test day, Friday 9.9.11.  WebQA won't be hosting a test day this week. I had planned on a day of working to expand the Selenium coverage on Socorro (aka Breakpad ... aka Crashstats).  Of the many reasons I can think of it mainly comes down to I've been overrun with work and can't sustainably host this tomorrow. This is not to say that the backlog of tests to be automated is small, in fact with the help of Tobias Markus (our wonderful intern) it has ceaselessly grown as he's dug through the existing testcases during his gap analysis.

I'm absolutely encouraged by the amount of interesting testcases that could use automation and look forward to having a formal testing day arranged for this project soon.

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