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Counting down to Google I/O

30 April 2011

I'm starting to get incredibly excited for this year's Google I/O. We're just 10 days away from it's commencement and I have word from my close friend that he's booked our hotel room. We've compared notes, vetted the list of sessions we want to attend, and are excited to meet the worldly gaggle of like willed people who attend this event. On the short list are the mobile development sessions and the tech talk series. This coming 6-months should prove quite frantic with the number of devices coming to market and the stage is set for a lot of innovation.

At this years event I'm interested in meeting with other test minded developers to discuss the current cutting edge in testing applications on Android devices. I'll mention ahead of time that I consider everyone involved in the software process a developer whether you're someone who tests code, writes documentation, are a project manager, or simply write code. Drop me an email if you're interested in chatting!

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