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A 1st month with Mozilla

28 February 2011

Of the adventures and life events that I've had the fortune to be a part of and experience this latest one is without a doubt turning out to be great. Daily I am stunned by the diverse passions and skills of the community of people who surround Mozilla, not to mention the excellent projects that I’m on (oh... and the free coffee). The coffee bit is a novelty to me at previous employers the staff have had to pool their money together to buy items like a coffee pot and a fridge (for our lunches).

Input Dashboard

I’m transitioning in as the QA lead on the Input and Socorro projects. These projects are built around the simple notion of aggregating, setting free, and making information useful.

The Input project aggregates user submitted feedback of Firefox. Socorro is a collection pot for information from gathered when Firefox, Thunderbird, ... plus several other projects crash.

Feel free to wet your appetite by poking around these projects.

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